Our offer for Schools

We provide Paddleboard fun for school groups at our base in Coppet Hall, Saundersfoot. School groups can benefit from our paddleboard lessons immensely as they participate in an engaging sport in the open sea. The activities allow them to improve their confidence in the water and to encourage their peers to push their boundaries while having fun at the same time. To keep safety high we split school groups into smaller groups of 8-16 children who are either out on the sea or on the shore busy with other activities such as; coastal foraging, balance games, etc. We have been working with school groups since 2016 and have obtained our own AALA certificate in 2019.

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Paddleboarding for School groups

We have been teaching well over 2000 children from school groups in the past three years at Pembroke Dock, New Quay, and Saundersfoot. Sessions last 90minutes in the water. For every group 1 teacher goes free during the Paddleboard activity.

What to expect in a lesson

Safety briefing about venue Getting to know your equipment Paddling on your knees Learning how to turn Standing and how to stay balanced Effective paddling techniques Self rescue Games and challenges

What's included


You will get either a shorty or a full wetsuit depending on the weather. We also have wind vests if it's really cold. If you prefer to wear your own wetsuit that's fine too.

What you need to bring

Dry towel

We recommend to bring a dry towel with you as you might get wet during the lesson.

Buoyancy aid

Children under the age of 18 have to wear a buoyancy aid. Everybody else can wear one if they want to but it's not mandatory.

Drinking water

We can't bring water with us during the lesson except on the SUP Safari. But it's advisable to have water ready at the end of the lesson.

Paddleboard & Paddle

All our paddleboards are inflatable. This is safer in a teaching environment as people are less prone to hurt themselves when they fall on the board.

Sun protection

Even though it might not seem very sunny sometimes sun protection is still advisable as you will be spending a lot of time on the water.

School groups booking

Contact us to make a school group booking or if you have any other questions. We are happy to help.